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Also known as the ‘Land of Indigenous Malay’, Malaysia is a fusion of cultures that is a perfect place to visit in South Asia. With fantastic infrastructure, delicious food, exotic beaches, cultural heritage and ancient sculptures, the land of vibrant lights can lit your soul up and make you feel alive. Malaysia is a multi-ethnic, multilingual and multicultural country that states an ideal example of traditions as well as modernism. Malaysian is the official language of this country and Islam is its official religion. The second predominant religion in this country is Buddhism followed by Christianity, Hinduism and other Chinese religions. Islam is practised in among 60% of the inhabitants of Malaysia.

Malaysia is rich in traditional values, performing arts, Malay music and traditional instruments that are influenced by India, China and Thailand. Malaysia’s cuisine reflects the multi-ethnicity as it has Chinese, Indian, Thai and Malay food. The chilly that is most widely used in the local cuisine does not spice up the food as much as we think. As this country is rich in traditions and cultures, there are several number of holidays as festivals keep arriving throughout the year. 31st August is celebrated as their Independence Day. Festivals such as Eid-Ul-Fitr, Eid-Ul-Adha, Chinese New Year, Diwali, Gawai and Kaamtan are celebrated vibrantly with joy in the country. Football is the most popular sport in this country and other outdoor games such as Hockey, Tennis and Squash are also liked by the inhabitants. Book your Malaysia Tour Packages way in advance if you want to save costs in the flight tickets and have extra fun in your Malaysia tourism.


Malaysia, a fusion of cultures and ideology has become one of the most favourite tourists’ holiday destinations in the South Asian region. With its grand capital, Kuala Lumpur, your trip will already become more than beautiful because this city is world-famous and you can find a lot of top attractions that makes it a must-visit city in Malaysia. Beautiful streets, tall towers, scenic lights, majestic sculptures, ancient monuments, holy temples, luxurious hotels, exotic resorts, stunning beaches, entertaining shopping centres, thrilling nightlife, pubs and bars are all the highlights of Malaysia tourism.

Visiting Malaysia is not just about spending an adventurous and memorable holiday vacation but it lets you explore some of the most unimaginable things and gives you an experience that can change your perspective towards life and remember those moments forever. Malaysia is a pretty magical country that soaks you in its beauty. What acts as a cherry on the cake is its amazing food. Multi-ethnicity can be witnessed greatly from the variety of cuisines that it offers. You can have our stomach full but still won’t stop to feel like you’re done. Try Malaysia tourism from Sushant Travels and make your dreams come into reality by having a good time with your family and loved ones. Sushant Travels help you explore all the highlights of Malaysia by offering you a variety of Malaysia package from India that can fit your preferences and make your trip memorable by spending less and exploring more as there are wonderful places to visit in Malaysia.


There are only two ways through which you can travel to Malaysia from India for having Malaysia tourism, they are by sea and by air. There are many cruise packages available from the ports in India that can take you directly to Malaysia country. However, it takes a lot of time and can be a bit unsafe to travelling so long distance from the sea. Hence, the best way to travel is by flight. Travelling from flight is safe and quick. Sushant Travels help you arrange your flights from the major cities in India such as from Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and many more. The duration of the flight is around 4 to 5 hours that depends on the city you’re catching the flight from. The shortest duration of flight to Malaysia is from Chennai. You can land in any of the three major airports of Malaysia which are Kota Kinabalu International Airport, Senai International Airport and Kuala Lumpur International Airport. From these airports, you can take domestic flights to fly within cities to cities or can prefer public transport and reach your hotel as the destinations are very well connected and there are plenty of ways to travel from one point to another in this country. Hence, Malaysia package from India gets more easy and fun.


There are different seasons in different places in Malaysia because of its geographical location. The weather in Malaysia is generally hot and humid throughout the year. Slight rainfalls can be witnessed at any time of the year. However, there are four main seasons in Malaysia – Spring, summer, autumn and winter. The spring season prevails in the months from March to May. Weather is quite good in this season and the winds gently blow in and around. Spring season is said to be the ideal season to explore the beach life. The summer season prevails in the months from June to August. It is hot in this time but slight rainfalls in between make it a very favourable season to visit Malaysia. Spring season is the best season to enjoy water sports and go diving. Autumn season prevails in the months from September to November. It rains heavily in this season but the weather is not so cool and hence, it is also a good time to visit Malaysia. However, avoid visiting in November as it is the most raining month in the year. Lastly, winter season prevails in the months from December to February. It is also a very good time to visit Malaysia as the sun rays won’t irritate you and you can spend an amazing time outside for travelling to various sight-seeing spots. Overall, the best time to visit Malaysia is in December, January, February, March and May.


  • Use taxi booking apps such as Grab, Easy Taxi and MyTeksi as they charge comparatively lower to the normal taxis.
  • Carry water with you wherever you go as the scorching sun can drain your energy.
  • Do not worry about the language barrier. English is the official language and most of them know it.
  • People in Malaysia do not smile while looking at you like Thais, but that does not mean that they are arrogant.
  • You are not allowed to swim in some beaches because there are too many jellyfish, turtles or other sea inhabitants. So research before you jump for swimming.
  • Malaysia is a Muslim-friendly holiday destination as you can find a variety of non-vegetarian delicious food in the country.
  • Alcohol is very expensive in Malaysia and the bars shut down very soon in small towns.
  • Malaysia is an amazing food-lovers’ destination as you can enjoy a variety of food dishes while you travel from town to town. Also, they’re cheap and healthy.
  • Malaysia is like a paradise for shopaholic people. Shop as much as you can when you visit Malaysia.
  • Visit as many parks in Malaysia as possible because they are just amazing.
  • You can surely visit Malaysia in the month of Ramadan even if you’re a non-Muslim because unlike other countries like other places like Dubai and Saudi Arabia, smoking, drinking and eating has not abstained in public places.


  • Visit Melaka – a state in Malaysia that is a very popular destination serving delicious food such as chicken rice balls and has some famous historical landmarks such as the Christ Church.
  • Visit Mount Kinabalu – it is the tallest mountain of Borneo. There is no entry fee and this place is a craze among hikers and nature-lovers.
  • Explore the city, Kuala Lumpur – the most populous city in Malaysia is a top visited tourist destination that attracts by its charm and offers a variety of things to explore and make your trip a stunning one.
  • Visit Penang – yet another city that has a lot to offer in store for you.
  • Explore Sunway Lagoon – a famous theme park in Kuala Lumpur
  • Langkawi island – Go for a boat tour on this island
  • Port Dickson –  Visit many famous beaches in Malaysia, where Port Dickson is one of them.
  • Travel to Niah National Park
  • Visit Broga Hill – a scenic natural beauty way above the sea level
  • Explore Tioman island in Malaysia
  • Explore the Islamic Heritage Park in Terengganu
  • Visit Sarawak cultural village
  • Visit Kota Bharu – a city that has amazing jungles and sight-seeing places
  • Visit Melaka – a must-visit port that has even attained the UNESCO heritage site status
  • Visit the Maran Murugan Temple – a famous golden painted temple having an amazing architecture dedicated to Lord Murugan.

These were some of the few places to visit in Malaysia. There are many more that you will cover in Malaysia Tour if you book packages with Sushant Travels.


Malaysia is a country that you can never get enough of! It has so many wonderful destinations to visit that you will fall in love with all of them. Malaysia is like a craze among the travellers and wanderers as there is so much to explore in this country. So what are you waiting for? Book your Malaysia Package from India with Sushant Travels and explore this country that will make you fall in love with its beauty. We, Sushant Travels, bring for you a wide-ranging of amazing Malaysia Tour packages that can best suit you according to your preferences and pocket size. So, do not worry and plan your trip with us as we are here to make your dream to visit Malaysia, come true.

Right from helping you select packages, booking tickets, making arrangements for stay and providing tips for the tour, Sushant Travels is a one stop-all service destination. So book your Malaysia Tour packages today, explore all the places to visit in Malaysia and enjoy your life with your family and friends.