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Dubai, the must-visit place once in a lifetime, it does not stop surprising one with all its irresistible charm. A city that leaves no stone unturned to keep attracting people from the corners of the world, is rich in everything. Be it the culture, historical monuments, sightseeing, palmy beaches, nightlife, walking on streets having tall and beautiful building constructions aside, entertainment, exciting events, Dubai has everything to offer what you ask for.

Dubai is said to be a global city situated on the Persian Gulf coast of the U.A.E. sharing its border with the Abu Dhabi in the South. Being the capital and the second-largest city of the seven United Arab Emirates, Dubai is well versed in its population having about 2.1 million inhabitants. The city has some biggest and largest constructions in the world continues to follow its ethnicity and purity and preserves some of the most historical attractions. Dubai is said to have blessed with golden sunshine and silvery beaches.

Dubai is a city that is actively in charge of writing its destiny having grand projects lined up such as flying taxis and hyperloop trains and advanced technologies easing day to day life of people.

Dubai tour packages from Sushant Travels can help you explore all of it in once providing a life-time memorable experience.


It’s hard not to applaud Dubai for its beauty, ambition and ability to dream up and perceive projects that would create a remarkable impression in the hearts of the people. Traditional Arab culture is prominently seen on its festivals, attire of inhabitants and museums. People, over there are very soft-spoken, generous and welcome tourists with utmost affection. Dubai’s median location makes it one of the easiest and busiest International travel hubs in the world. Dubai which was a small Arab village has now turned into the powerhouse of the world-class infrastructure. No doubt, it is the city of the future.

Dubai hosts two of the huge annual shopping festivals. Shopping in malls is not all about stores and food courts but much more. Dubai tour packages has a plethora of hotels according to the needs and budgets of everyone. Dubai’s adrenaline-boosting desert safaris, breathtaking skydives, luxurious spas and resorts and thrilling water park rides are the experiences everyone craves for. Dubai tour packages also offer a variety of cuisines for all the foodies out there. From Arabic to Asian, Mexican to Italian, French to Chinese and everything else in between that mouth waters you, is there to content your taste buds. Nightlife in Dubai with a large choice of bars and clubs adds up cherries on the cake.


Dubai welcomes everyone gracefully in style. Dubai tour packages help everyone out there. You might be travelling solo, with your family including children, in a group of bachelors, it is safe for one and all and you don’t need to worry about anything. Dubai has an extremely family-type environment that gives you a feeling of home. Travelling top places in Dubai is worth more than what you spend. Each moment, each experience counts. You can visit the famous attractions like the Burj Khalifa that is the tallest building in the world, Global Village where you can relax in evening and have dinner by watching live performances near the seashore, Kite beach, Dubai Miracle Garden, The Marina, Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai Museum, Old Dubai and Grand Mosque. You can also do exciting things like taking a desert safari, hitting the malls, go dancing at Barasti, go deep-sea fishing, enjoy ripe market and much more. Apart from all this, you can enjoy little things like simply walking around the beautiful streets, eating hummus, shawarmas and other famous street foods, talk to the locals, go shopping and attend budget happy hours.

From booking tickets, helping you in visas and passports, arranging accommodation in good hotels, helping you plan your tour, getting tour guides for you to everything that you need for, to the best time to visit Dubai including all of the services in an affordable price, Sushant Travels is here to guide you through your tour.


The best time to visit Dubai city is in the Dubai winter months. Winters in Dubai are from November to April. The weather is extremely pleasant and perfectly suitable for travelling outdoors. Also, the lively season of shopping festival is held in January and February thus making it the best time to visit Dubai as it’s the peak time with the crowd all around the city.

In the months between May to October, Dubai is hot and humid and so it is advisable to not visit during this time for not missing extra loaded fun outdoors. One could still enjoy malls and indoor activities but would then miss on the real fun of the visit to outdoor places and events.


Here’s a list of few things to know for your safe tour in Dubai:

  • Book your flights as soon as possible: It is advisable to book your tickets at least six months prior because the rate of international travel tickets is much cheaper before six months.
  • Visit between November and April: Dubai is hot and humid in other months of the year and then it becomes very torturing to travel under the scorching sun. Winter month is the best time to visit Dubai for outdoor fun in pleasant weather.
  • Book your accommodation way in advance: Don’t think of booking hotels while you reach in town. Advanced booking not only cuts down your costs but also guarantees a suitable place you desire thus diminishing the fear of the favourite hotels getting booked out.
  • Ask for permission before clicking photos: It is considered an offence if you click photos without taking permission except if it’s a public sight-seeing place then it’s okay.
  • Beware when you consume alcohol and drinks: During the holy month of Ramadan, do not consume alcohol and drinks in public. It is disrespecting their culture and thus avoid it.
  • Dress up decently: Do not wear revealing, transparent or too tight clothes.  Men should not walk out without shirts/t-shirts.
  • Avoid kissing in public: A simple kissing in public places like taxis, streets, malls, clubs can be considered an offence and can cause you in big trouble as it attracts unwanted attention. Hence, avoid kissing in public.


Dubai is a very clean and tidy place with no litters seen around. It is a hygienic as the citizens of the city are very well mannered and believe it as their responsibility to keep their surroundings clean. Hence, you can be completely relaxed as you won’t feel uneasy because of hygiene concerns.

Also, visiting place in Dubai is considered as very safe in terms of criminal activities too because the laws enforced over here are very strict and all the movements in the town are heavily monitored. Hence, people think hundreds of times before committing any crime as such. So overall, it is very safe to travel in and around the city.


Here’s a list of top visiting place in Dubai-

  • Visit The Marina Luxury- a yacht tour.
  • Explore the Old and Modern Dubai city- two-way perspective exploration.
  • Pay a visit to Dubai Creek Jameela- it’s a boat floating restaurant.
  • Hit the top malls- famous ones include Dubai Festival City Mall, City Centre Me’aisem, Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai Outlet Mall, Bur Juman and many more.
  • Visit the Burj Khalifa- it is the tallest building in the world. Capture the view from 1821 ft. above (555 meters), from the 148th floor.
  • Enjoy desert safari- via ATV Quad ride, camel ride and many more forms of rides with good live shows in the desert and some amazing food over there.
  • Visit Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo- one of the largest indoor aquariums in the world.
  • Explore Palm Jumeirah- a palm-shaped island, also known as one of Dubai’s architectural triumphs.
  • Enjoy the Dubai Fountain- an awe-inspiring show, witness water dance in the centre of Dubai downtown.
  • Roam around in the Kite Beach- Dubai’s neighbourhood silvery beach with mind-blowing breeze and tasty food.
  • Discover Dubai Opera- a centre of culture and is known as Dubai’s architectural masterpiece.
  • Visit the Dubai Frame- capture a picture of the frame which has a height of 150 meters high.

​All the above are the top visiting place in Dubai that makes your travel diaries much more beautiful.


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