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We all know how important and beneficial yoga is. Yoga is easy and the good news is that it is for everyone. It has multiple benefits – helps one increase flexibility, helps one get rid of pain and also reduces the risk of so many diseases and even helps one to maintain good body posture.

Yoga is mainly about learning poses, and in terms of yoga, they are called asanas. Some asanas put focus on leaning poses while others focus on deep breathing and relaxation. Studies reveal that 35% of the people’s flexibility increased only after 8 weeks of yoga, in addition to this, people can also feel the other benefits of yoga.

Some benefits of yoga are as follows :

• It helps people keep their calm – When stress overpowers a person’s mind, he loses his calm and this may disturb his mental health. During these times yoga comes to rescue. It helps a person stay calm and try to find out ways to cope with stress instead of spending his time – crying about the stress load.

• Breathing Benefits – Yoga has amazing effects on a person’s breathing. It involves deep breathing and relaxation, moreover, it may also call for special breathing techniques.

• Good for heart – The benefits of yoga on our heart can not be neglected. Yoga has proved to do wonders and keep our heart in good condition. It works to lower the blood pressure, keep it stable and it also slows down the heartbeat which can be beneficial to people having high blood pressure.

• Keeps the body in the correct posture – Yoga increases the strength of a person and also makes him or her more flexible. The yoga poses help to increase the core strength and this automatically improves a person’s posture.

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