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India is the country where great religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism are originated. Along with housing a number of pilgrimage places for Hindu religion, India is home to a numerous places related to Buddhism and life of Gautam Buddha such as birthplace of Buddha, different monasteries, stupas, pagodas and caves. All constructions related to Buddhism provide different and unmatched peace to the visitors and it surely makes the visitors think deeply about life. In our daily lives, we often stumble upon existential crisis at some point and we get desperate to relate a meaning to things that we do on a daily basis. The answers that we seek sometimes lie amongst landscapes we have never seen before, colors we didn’t know existed, and lives we didn’t know could be lived. A vacation, holiday, journey and travelling thus can sometimes help you find the answers to questions you didn’t even know you were asking. All you need to reach that ultimate peace is Buddhist Pilgrimage tour, a journey that will make you look inside, above and beyond. Buddhist tour packages offered by Sushant Travels are well designed to provide you a wholesome touring experience. With Buddhist holiday tour packages you can explore some of the most beautiful Buddhist places and heal your soul in peaceful environment.


1. Dharamshala: Dharamsala holds all beautiful aspects of a Buddhist place and holds special place in Buddhist holiday tour packages. It houses a Vipassana meditation center, schools to Dalai Lama’s official residence, numerous Buddhist meditation centers, and a grand monastery full of beautiful colors and chants of prayers. The Sikhara Dhamma center provides 10-day meditation courses to those who are interested every fortnight from April to November. The monument is blessed with immense natural beauty to offer you with the mesmerizing backdrop that provides calm, peaceful and spiritual experience. You can also visit the Tsuglagkhang Complex and the Palpung Sherabling Monastic Seat at Dharamshala.

2. Tawang: Being largest monastery in India, Tawang monastery is popular as the rich, impeccable and colorful center of spirituality and knowledge. The monastery is also known as Galden Namgey Lhatse which literally means ‘celestial paradise in a clear night’ and the monastery gives justice to this name. This is where Arunachal Pradesh derives most of its spiritual significance and Buddhist culture. This holy monastery’s library houses a huge collection of some of the most significant and sacred scriptures. It also houses a Buddhist Cultural Studies center for the young monks.

3. The Rumtek Monastery: The Rumtek Monastery is most significant and one of the largest Buddhist places in India. It is situated on top of a hill in Sikkim, 23 km away from Gangtok. It belongs to the Kargyu sect of Buddhists who originated in Tibet in the 12th century and it was originally called as the Dharma Chakra Centre. Mesmerizing green mountains surround the monastery from all sides and serves as a visual treat to those who seek spiritual solace.

4. Leh-Ladakh: Along with dreamy terrains and mesmerizing backdrops, Leh houses some of the most significant and colorful Buddhist places in India. The area houses numerous monasteries, most of which are the richest, largest and oldest constructions of Buddhism in India. The popular ones include Phyang Monastery, Thiksey Monastery Hemis Monastery and Lamayuru Monastery. Another thing that you must not miss in Leh-Ladakh is the Hemis Festival that takes place in June-July which hosts a masked dance which will leave you surprised.

5. Bodh Gaya, Bihar: Bodh Gaya holds significant historical importance and is the center of Buddhist places in India. Posterity of the Bodhi Tree, under which Buddha acquired enlightenment can still be found here. Mahabodhi temple and an 80 feet tall statue of Lord Buddha are equally fascinating. Other than these there are three established monasteries and some organizations offering programmes and courses on Buddhist philosophy. Dhamma Bodhi Vipassana center also provides 10-day courses on Vipassana meditation beginning on the 1st and 16th of every month and can house 80 students in one batch. This is among the most visited Buddhist heritage spots of India.


Buddhism teaches practice of spiritual development leading to Insight into the ultimate reality. Buddhist practices like meditation are methods of changing one in order to develop the qualities such as awareness about existence, kindness for everyone, and wisdom about life. There are thousands of followers of Buddhism all around the world who have followed the path shown by Gautam Buddha. The constructions related to Buddhism are built in unique Buddhist architecture which provide ultimate peace of mind to its visitors. The spellbinding monasteries, stupas, pagodas and meditation centers of Buddhist religion are visited by tourists from all across the world who wish to spend some moments in calmness. Sushant Travels offers Buddhist tour packages that take you to visit some of the most beautiful Buddhist places in India. The serenity and calmness of these places can teleport into a different world where negativity has no place. Book Buddhist holiday tour packages offered by Sushant Travels and let your soul revel in the serenity of mesmerizing Buddhist places of India!